How to Stay Disconnected

Yep. You heard it right. Coming from a girl who just started a blog and should be trying to 'connect' and I'm spilling advice otherwise.

The (probably obvious) truth is that we are more connected than ever, but less committed. Did you know people actually buy likes & followers on social media? It's real. And happens all the time. It somehow makes that person or business seem more validated. When I read this article, my heart sank. Often people are so wrapped up in the nonessentials that many forget to enjoy their own life. 

I now take my pleasures seriously. And the only way I could do that successfully was to disconnect.

About 6 months ago I decided to disconnect. Not altogether. Just reduce time spent on my phone. I wanted to lead a more intentional life. So, I decided to go old school! (I mean really -- what would Friends look like if it were filmed now)?  When I'm with my family & friends, the time on my phone is either non-existent or cut short. I pick up the phone and call a friend when I'm thinking about them. I read more. Run more. Enjoy the outdoors more. I have less distraction and more fullfillment.

We live in a very digitally connected world and there are so many benefits!  However, it can also feel overwhelming. Below are a few things I do to stay balanced personally & digitally:

  • I rarely get on social media when I wake up (probably because my alarm is set for the exact amount of time I need to get ready). Basically, 'I ain't got no time for that!' 
  • Relax before bed. No aimless scrolling for me! 30-45 minutes before bed, I disconnect.
  • Give yourself a time frame. For me, I try to disengage from my phone until after I've gotten home, worked out, and started making dinner.
  • I don't always check my work email in the evening. Honestly, most of my responses can wait until morning.
  • The Daily Skimm: News that's to the point + is written w/ some sarcasm and wit. It's my digital one-stop newsstand sent straight to my email every morning. No more checking various portals for me! Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shonda Rhimes, + many others are Skimm'ers too! Oh, and bonus - it's free!
  • If you're a blogger or simply love reading blogs, this is an organizational dream. Instead of cramming your bookmarks bar or trying to remember 'that one blog that had that one thing I loved,' subscribe to Feedly. I do the free version which allows me to create 3 categories to house the blogs I enjoy. So when I have time, I can reconnect efficiently.

When you know something, really know something, it tends to stand the test of time. The things that mattered most back in the day (or 'old school' as I mentioned above) are still things that matter now. I'm editing Lee Ann Womack's song a little bit but I think she'll be okay with it:

"When you get the choice to sit it out or (scroll on your phone), I hope you dance."

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