About Me

I was born & raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

My Roots:

I attended Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. My roots grew in this small town from a young age. Our family reunions were held in Lamoni & I grew up riding in floats for the 4th of July parade with cousins, doing late night gravestone scratchings, and as I got older, attended a sports/church camp hosted by Graceland every summer in high school. Playing sports all day, endless ice cream cones, and being surrounded by some of the best people...Yep, I was hooked.

Though I didn’t go to college at the University of Kansas, I was born and raised a Jayhawk. My grandfather and dad attended KU & my winters centered around drives to Allen Fieldhouse while listening to Bob Davis radio. To anyone that knows me, not much has changed. I still head to Lawrence as often as possible and, per tradition, always turn on 610 radio (which has now switched to 810 this year) for the drive home.

After college, I moved back to KC to start my teaching career in Kindergarten. It's challenging, rewarding, and where I am supposed to be. My love for teaching, investing in my students, and developing relationships with their families has developed into a passion for assisting others within my community and beyond.

So, that's my goal here. To invest in places that have grown me into the person I am today. To help the communities that raised me. To share the 'behind the scenes' of being a teacher and my attempts to balance it all! But mostly, that you leave hopeful, encouraged, or with a few good items to pick up at Target!